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Varadero is the most popular "sun, sea and sand" destination in Cuba due to its more than 20-kilometer-long beach of fine white sand and waters colored by the widest range of blues. Varadero features some of the best Cuba Hotels in the island.

Its non deep sand platform gave the name to Varadero (Varadero means: Beaching-place, ship-yard, sked, skid), since in a time some ship accidentally ran aground and the beach used to be a place to anchor and repair the ships, taking advantage of its quiet non deep waters.

Nowadays, among the modern Varadero Cuba hotels and resorts, old wooden houses that used to be the lodging places of the beginnings of this beach spa, still remain, as witnesses of that bucolic age.

The many caves, cliffs, and small lakes on the peninsula of Varadero, a group of easily reachable keys, the cultural, historical and environmental values of the nearby cities of Matanzas, Cárdenas and Trinidad, and the Zapata Swamp's natural values complete the offer at Varadero, which, in addition, has a modern high-quality hotels network and a large service infrastructure.

Varadero 's main beach, Playa Mayor, is a virtually unbroken 11.5-kilometer-long swath that widens and improves eastward (where hotels and resorts are more upscale), then breaks up into smaller beaches divided by rocky headlands, were most of the luxury hotels sit over their own private beach.

Some of the most complete all inclusive hotels and resorts are found here.

Varadero Cuba hotels are for children and family friendly vacations, suitable for safe holidays, teens, nautical sports, fishing and diving lovers, couples, honeymoons, group of friends and, in general, for anyone looking for healthy and safe fun.

Most Varadero hotels and resorts have rooms and general facilities specially appointed for the handicapped.