Attractions in Varadero

Boulevard Varadero

Between streets 62 and 64, in the historic center of the resort, you can find this new space that covers seven hectares. The project is a dream come true for the Varadero administration, inaugurated in 2021 where you can enjoy various commercial and gastronomic offers that include several bars, the Asian restaurant "El Sakura", another of the Russian cuisine, "El Bolshoi", Mexican food, Italian as well as the houses specialized in coffee, tobacco and rum among other stores.

It has a 10-room motel under the management of the Cuban hotel chain Islazul.

Gastronomy works on 62nd Street. 63rd street is the commercial area and 64th is the Cultural Plaza, each with its own services and settings. The recreation area also has a nursery and a place for children's activities. Artisans will also be present on this boulevard.