Cuba transportation services

About Cuba transportation services

Umbrella Travel provides Cuba transportation services both in private transfers and group transfers. Private transportation consists of vehicles exclusively reserved for your service. Depending on the number of travelers we will offer you available vehicles, taxi, microbus, bus etc… and their prices for you to choose from.

Group transfer services are cheaper and shared. The main downside is the wait. These services do not depart until all other passengers are onboard. They also need to pass by several hotels for pickups and drop-offs. Thus, their departure and arrival are not as prompt and can vary depending on the number of other passengers and the total of pick up places they need to cover. As a consequence the trip also takes longer. Group transportation is also limited to certain regular flights when booking Airport taxi for your pick up or other type of vehicles.

Though both forms of Cuba transportation services are provided, only some main points are covered by group transfers, mainly from most important airports to hotels and back as well as inter-hotel transportation between most hotels. If the service is not available, your search will simply only return the private available services.

Note when you search for your desired service the search result will also return information on how to meet your transportation. This information is also emailed to you once you receive your final confirmation and vouchers.

We wish you a happy ride!

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