About car rental services in Cuba

We provide rental choices from several car categories. Though a car model preference is indicated in the request form, specific car models are not guaranteed by the local suppliers, and, alternative models, of the same car category, can be provided subject to availability at pick up time.

Pricing is for car rental service + insurance. Be sure to read the Terms of Contract of the car rental agency in your search results for details.

Car rental in Cuba is provided by major local car rental companies and a minimum of 3 days rental is mandatory.

2 years of experience (license issuance date) is required for all car categories.

Additionally, it is required to be over 18 years of age for all car categories except the Economic Plus category that requires a minimum age of 20 years of age and the Family category that requires a minimum of 21.

For all drivers residing in Cuba, the minimum age allowed is 21 years.

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