Cuba Vacations: Pinar del Rio Vacation Spot

Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Cayo Levisa

"Pinar del Río", where the world finest tobacco is grown, was founded in 1699 and is the westernmost province of Cuba, the third most extensive and the seventh in population. Pinar, as locals colloquially...

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Cuba Vacations: Havana Vacation spot in Cuba


Founded in 1519, the Capital City of Cuba is the cultural, scientific, economic and political heart of the country, as well as the most cosmopolitan city and the most demanded destination in Cuba. Born...

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Old Havana

Declared World Heritage Site since December 1982 and by far the largest historical and cultural attraction of the city, The Historical Center of Old Havana and its fortifications now display a renewed...

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Varadero Golf Club, Varadero, Cuba


Varadero is the most popular "sun, sea and sand" destination in Cuba due to its more than 20-kilometer-long beach of fine white sand and waters colored by the widest range of blues. It features some...

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Cienfuegos, Cuba


The city lies on the east side of Bahía de Cienfuegos, a deep, 88-square-kilometer bay with an umbilically narrow entrance and in which, as one 19th–century traveler remarked, “ all the navies in the...

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Trinidad Street,Trinida city, Cuba

Trinidad, Ancón and Topes de Collantes

Trinidad, nestled between the Escambray Range, to the North, and the Caribbean Sea, to the South, is a unique and fascinating destination for all kind of travelers. The town of Trinidad, 67 km southwest...

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Cayo Santa Maria, Las Brujas and Ensenachos

Cayo Santa Maria, Brujas & Ensenachos

Over flown by fisher hawks, wild ducks and flamingos, runs the fabulously scenic 48 km long and 46 bridges causeway that links Cayo Santa Maria with the peaceful and picturesque villages of Remedios and...

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Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

Cayo Coco & Guillermo

These two contiguous islands are connected to the north coast of Cuba by a 27 km long “pedraplén” (stone causeway). They are both great beach holiday places for your cuba vacations. It’s a fabulous...

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Holguin and Guardalavaca, Cuba

Holguin and Guardalavaca

Holguín is an excellent sun vacation spot spiced with superb nearby natural, cultural and historical attractions. It is considered, after Havana and Varadero, the third most important destination...

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Car museum of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Diego Velázquez founded the city in 1514 and named it for the King of Spain’s patron saint, St. Jago. Home of rum and revolution and cradle of the cuban Son music, Santiago has a unique, enigmatic...

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