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Cayo Cruz is a cay with some 26 square kilometers located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, to the north of the Camaguey province to which it belongs administratively. It is linked to the Cuban mainland by a 42 km long causeway.

Mostly known for its marine fauna, sandy low ocean floors, its transparent waters and extensive white sand beaches, the cay is today subject to a vast investment that should in time provide it with eight thousand hotel rooms which, together with similar projects in the area that include Cayo Cruz, Cayo Mégano Grande, Guajaba and Sabinal, would in time turn this new area into probably the most important travel destination on the Island with some 25 thousand hotel rooms by 2030.

Ninety percent of the cay´s 25 km coast corresponds to sandy beaches of excellent quality. They are divided into 7 main areas including Playa Cara, Playa Onda and Playa Sigua among others. These beaches all count with fine white sands and low to medium depth waters.

Though some hotels begin to open doors already, the cay´s project is still in its early stages of development, quite attractive actually for many due to the virgin beaches and still rather low touristic population.

The whole project is being executed under strict ecological respect to protect the local environment minimizing impact and has been certified as a sustainable project.

The first two hotels already providing accommodations are Valentin Cayo Cruz and La Marina Plaza and Spa. A third hotel by Iberostar is expected to open its doors sometime in early 2020.

Cayo Cruz is also a 366 square kilometer sport - fishing paradise with newly discovered fishing spots and practically unexploited isolated fishing areas with enormous system flats, lagoons and pristine estuaries.

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