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ArteHotel Calle 2 stands as a beacon of cultural and artistic brilliance nestled in the heart of Vedado, Havana. More than just a place to stay, it embodies a dream realized by its visionary founders who sought to open a gateway to the rich tapestry of Cuban art and culture. This unique boutique hotel not only offers a luxurious refuge for its guests but also serves as a vibrant cultural hub, providing seamless access to Havana's premier cultural events while also hosting an array of artistic endeavors.

From the moment you step inside ArteHotel Calle 2, you are immersed in an ongoing celebration of creativity. Every corner of the hotel breathes life into its foundational concept, transforming the space into a living gallery. Original artworks by esteemed Cuban artists such as Rafael San Juan, Ernesto Rancaño, and Noel Morera grace the walls, alongside treasured items like the dresses and props of famed actress Laura de la Uz from “La Película de Ana”, and an original trumpet from jazz legend Bobby Carcasses. The hotel also features captivating photographs from the “Cuba Iluminada” project by photographer Héctor Garrido, allowing guests to explore the island's soul through its visual stories.

ArteHotel Calle 2 is more than an accommodation; it's a cultural salon where artists and art enthusiasts converge. It boasts an exhibition gallery, a meeting spot for engaging discussions, a cinema forum for film aficionados, a photography classroom for aspiring photographers, and an acting workshop for theater lovers. It positions itself as the ultimate destination for anyone looking to dive deep into Havana's cultural and artistic scene.

The hotel's commitment to culture extends beyond its walls. It aims to be a catalyst for cultural activities, promoting events that enrich the city's artistic landscape. Here, art and culture are not just observed but lived. Guests are invited to partake in this immersive experience, where the line between being a spectator and a participant beautifully blurs.

In essence, ArteHotel Calle 2 offers a sanctuary where art and hospitality merge, creating an unparalleled experience. It promises not just a stay but a journey through the vibrant heart of Cuban culture. With its own art collection living in harmony with guests and visitors, the hotel stands as a testament to the power of art to inspire, connect, and transform. It is an invitation to explore, to discover, and to fall in love with the inexhaustible cultural wealth of Havana.

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Room types


ArteHotel Calle 2 - Standard Danza 5 Room
This room pays homage to the illustrious Alicia Alonso, the visionary force behind the National Ballet of Cuba and its prestigious school, which has nurtured globally recognized talent.

Designed with dance aficionados in mind, the DANZA Room features captivating portraits of Viengsay Valdés, the celebrated prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba, and Lizt Alfonso. It also houses exclusive original portraits from the acclaimed “Cuba Illuminated” project by Héctor Garrido.

This elegantly appointed room offers:

A comfortable double bed measuring 150 x 200 cm, perfect for restful nights.
A spacious window that opens to the external beauty, inviting natural light and vistas.
An ensuite bathroom equipped with modern facilities, providing both cold and hot water for refreshing moments.
Climate-controlled air conditioning to ensure a comfortable environment throughout your stay.
The DANZA Room is a sanctuary for those who admire the grace and beauty of dance, offering a unique stay surrounded by the artistry that defines Cuban culture.
Specific amenities
  • Air conditioning
  • Hair dryer
  • Safety deposit box
  • Bathtub
  • Room Service


ArteHotel Calle 2 - Deluxe Room Cine 1
In our exclusive hotel, we offer three distinct deluxe rooms, each designed to celebrate a unique facet of the rich Cuban culture: CINE (Cinema), MÚSICA (Music), and PINTURA (Painting).

- **CINE Room**: Inspired by the post-revolution boom in Cuban cinema, this room pays tribute to directors, screenwriters, and actors with portraits of iconic figures like Fernando Perez and Mirta Ibarra, and is adorned with screen-printed Cuban cinema posters, creating a space that invites film enthusiasts to dive into Cuba's cinematic history.

- **MÚSICA Room**: Dedicated to the vibrant Cuban music scene, from bolero to son, this room honors legends such as Chucho Valdés and Omara Portuondo. With decor that reflects the joy and sensuality of Cuban sound, it's the perfect retreat for music lovers and those captivated by the island's unmistakable rhythm.

- **PINTURA Room**: Celebrating the dynamism of Cuban visual arts, this room is alive with the colors and creativity of the Caribbean. Decorated with works by Cervando Cabrera, Wifredo Lam, and portraits of Alfredo Sosabravo, Flora Fong, and Zaida del Río, it offers an inspiring space for those who revel in Cuba's artistic and pictorial wealth.

Each room, with its unique design and cultural homages, invites guests to explore and experience the essence of Cuba through its cinema, music, and visual arts, making their stay an unforgettable experience.
Specific amenities
  • Air conditioning
  • Hair dryer
  • Safety deposit box
  • Bathtub
  • Room Service


ArteHotel - Calle 2- Suite Apartment
The POESÍA Suite and the Apartment are two accommodation gems at ARTeHOTEL Calle 2, each designed to offer a unique experience that blends art and comfort with the cultural essence of Cuba.

**POESÍA Suite**: Dedicated to Cuba's rich literary tradition, this suite pays tribute to Carilda Oliver, a poet from Matanzas known for her erotic poetry and deeply Cuban spirit. The POESÍA Suite has been conceived as a spacious, bright, and fresh space, ideal for literature lovers. With a large dressing room and delicate design touches, this room invites guests to immerse themselves in a flirtatious, delicate, and sensual atmosphere. Equipped with a separable double bed of 200 x 210 cm, a large window, a bathroom with hot and cold water, and air conditioning, every detail has been thought out to enhance the beauty of Cuban poetry.

**Interior Design**: Ute Mergner. Original photographs by Héctor Garrido adorn the space, adding a touch of exclusivity and art.

**The Apartment**: Offers a very special and cozy corner, separate from the main building, ideal for those seeking an independent stay without giving up the feeling of being at home. Perfect for authors, researchers, or any guest planning long stays, studies, or work in Havana. This space features a large room with a double bed of 200 x 180 cm (convertible into twins), a living room with a large kitchen, its own balcony, air conditioning, and a bathroom with hot and cold water. The direct view of an original "Cuban" patio from its own balcony offers a total immersion in local culture.

Both accommodation options at ARTeHOTEL Calle 2 encapsulate the promise of an authentic Cuban experience, whether through the literary reflection of the POESÍA Suite or the independence and comfort of the Apartment, ensuring all guests a memorable stay in the heart of Cuba.
Specific amenities
  • Air conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Hair dryer
  • Safety deposit box
  • Coffee maker
  • Room Service

Facilities & Amenities

Health and Beauty
  • Massage($)
Internet Access ( Internet Café or Wifi in hotel areas)
  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi)
  • Laundry($)
  • Daily Cleaning
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