Beatles bar

A music bar establishment dedicated to The Beatles with a life-size ferroconcrete sculpture reminiscing the famous Liverpool quartet at its doors, where you can take pictures for free. It is well worth one’s while to have a mojito or a piña colada on its terrace in the afternoon after a long day at the beach. In the evenings there’s usually a musical band playing themes from international rock repertory, which is quite the attraction for tourists routinely expecting to hear only music relating to the traditional Cuba son, salsa or other tropical rhythms.

The prices can be very attractive as well if compared to what’s customary in similar places abroad: The entry to the establishment is free and the price of a beer is 2 cuc.

There’s also a good restaurant on the premises but it only remains open during the day.

Address: 1st Ave. and 59th Street, near the Cuatro Palmas hotel and Retiro Josone Park in Varadero.

Opening Hours: 1:00 pm until 1:00 am