Restaurante La Volanta

The Restaurant La Volanta is set in a very conveniently located old colonial mansion: right across from the Park Ignacio Agramonte (or Plaza Mayor), making it easy to spot by potential visitors. The building housing the establishment is in itself a historical site within the city, for since its construction in the XVIII century and throughout different eras, the large old house has accommodated renowned personalities who influenced the culture and development of the city as was one of the town founders, the Alderman and Mayor, as signaled in its façade by the nobiliary coat of arms of the family Recio Miranda. The edifice’s exterior exhibits a neoclassical style architecture while its interior preserves several decorative elements such as pairs of beribboned braces, veritable museum worthy jewels on display for diners.

At the Restaurant La Volanta the client can sample excellent traditional Cuban menus and varied offers from Asturian cookery, fine music, and quality service.

Address: Independencia Street # 196 e / Marti and Luaces, Historic Center of Camaguey

Phone: +53 3229 1974