Iris Jazz Club

The Jazz Club Iris opens its doors each night to all those seeking to listen to music as performed by virtuosos. It is jazz, in its different forms that is the habitual protagonist every night thanks to the appearance of both young and established musicians from the national artistic scene, who are charged with upholding the originality of a place like this in the lively and vivacious city of Santiago.

In addition to the space it provides for musical performances, it has a café and a little bar in its entrance hall, where the visitor has access to varied and well-served international cocktails.

Always invariably striking to visitors is the sculpture welcoming any visitor to the club: a piece cast in bronze allusive to a Jazz instrumentalist, work of the ingenuity of plastic artist Alberto Lescay Merencio, the same who thought up and created the monument complex dedicated to General Maceo, that gives name to the main public square in Santiago and is practically a symbol of the town.

Address: San Paraíso btw/ Aguilera and Enramadas