Alturas (Heights) de Banao

Group of elevations that take their name from a small nearby village of Sancti Spíritus bearing the same name and lie within the mountainous massif of Guamuhaya, the second most important in the country.

The altitude of this upland isn’t very high as indicated by the fact that its principal mountain, dubbed with the slightly kooky name of ‘Juana’s Tits’, reaches only up to 846 meters above sea level. The confluence of these mountains, with their valleys among them, alongside the rivers Banao and Higuanojo, endow the zone with a stunning scenic beauty also featuring unexpected quaint waterfalls to make the delights of any visitor.

Another valuable feature of Lomas (Hills) of Banao that leads it to be regarded as a national park rather than a mere ecologic reserve, is its high levels of endemic flora and fauna, seeing as one can be aware of the presence of endangered species such as cateyes (parakeets), wild parrots, hutias congas (autochthonous rodent species), the teensiest amphibians, in addition to magnolias and varied populations of precious hardwood trees.

This site offers an option to visit Caballete de Casa, a spot that served as command center to Ernesto Che Guevara in his stay in this zone during the revolutionary struggles in the final years of the 50s decade of the past century.

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