Restaurant La Guarida

This is, unarguably, one of the most famous and glamorous private owned restaurants in Havana. Established in 1996, shortly after the apartment of this old building in Havana was used as main location while shooting one of the most internationally acclaimed films of Cuban cinema: Fresa y chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate). No wonder then, the site’s décor and ambiance reveals a marked tendency towards culture and cinema in general. Its haute cuisine is very well presented thanks to the quality, variety and elegant service on offer to those customers who enticed by the prestige of the place, are unfazed by the apparent ill state of preservation of the building that houses the restaurant on its third storey. Regularly visited by any known cultural figure that has chosen Havana, Cuba as a travel destination: Spanish royalty, Beyonce, Joaquín Sabina, Mat Dillon etc.

Cuisine: stylized Cuban cooking

Average price on menu: over $29.00 CUC

Address: Concordia Nr. 418 btw/ Gervasio and Escobar. Centro Habana

Telephone: (+53) 7866 9047