Restaurant La Casa

Situated in the ground floor of a modern home in the residential quarter of Nuevo Vedado, this restaurant is the private business of a Havana family that presents visitors with dishes from a wide range of Cuban cookery recipes, and even offers some quite sui generis for being solely the direct fruit of family inventiveness, having been handed down through generations till the present day. Aside from traditional Cuban food, this culinary establishment grants equal emphasis in its menu to other well-liked international specialties, so one can expect to enjoy all manner of Spanish tapas, Italian pastas, Japanese sushi or the much-admired French pastries.

Cuisine: traditional Cuban and international

Menu price range: $8.00 to $16.00 CUC

Address: Street 30 Nr. 865 btw/ 26 and 41, Nuevo Vedado

Telephone: (+53) 7881 – 7000