Casa de la Música de Miramar

Like the rest of its branches bearing the same name that are disseminated across several provinces in the country, the one in Miramar is linked to the oldest state record label in the island: the EGREM, and dedicates its main space to provide the possibility of relishing the foremost bands of Cuban dance music that perform their repertories live to the delight of Cuban music lovers. It actually offers two opportunities for dancing in a day, since apart from the traditional nocturnal events that end in the wee hours of the morning, they have arranged to open their space during the day with the so-called Matinees, which begin at 5 in the afternoon and end early in the evening. The musical group livening up the matinees is never on again for the night’s main event. The venue this facility currently occupies underwent a fitting renovation and remodeling to suit its new purposes, given that in a distant past it served as the great hall of an important Masonic lodge of Havana.

Address: Street 20 (corner to Street 35), Miramar, Playa, Havana

Entrance fee Matinees: from 5 to 10 CUC depending on the rating of the bands featured.

Nights: from 15 to 20 CUC depending on the rating of the bands featured.