Museum of the Revolution / Presidential Palace

This building originally served as the Presidential Palace and did so until 1959. Today, this opulent construction houses transitory or permanent exhibitions, and by displaying photographs, documents, armaments and suchlike, narrates the history of Cuba leading up to the times of the Cuban revolutionary struggle.

The Palace is the work of two renowned architects: the Cuban Rodolfo Maruri and the Belgian Jean Beleau, and was initially envisioned to host the city’s town hall in the second decade of the past century, however, the wife of a Cuban dignitary convinced her spouse to alter its destination to make the seat of government instead.

Address: Refugio n°1 bt/ Avenida de las Misiones and Zulueta, Old Havana.

Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 hrs

Tel. (537) 862-4093.