Mayor Parrochial Church

It is one of the symbols of the city of Sancti Spíritus, and constitutes one of the most striking buildings of its historical center on account of its numerous attributes. It is regarded as the town’s prime architectonic jewel for the combination of Roman and Baroque aesthetic styles in its construction.

This edifice was completed in the remote year of 1680, making it the oldest religious center in all of Cuba. The visitor’s attention is drawn to the captivating presence of its tall tower which for a long time was the tallest civil structure in Cuba standing 40 meters high; however, due to the ravages of time and damages caused by multiple havoc wreaking lightning storms it was truncated to the 30 meters preserved today. In its steeple one can appreciate four bells cast in gold, silver and bronze in the XVII and XVIII centuries.

It was declared National Monument on October 10, 1977.