Attractions in Camagüey

Restaurant Mesón del Príncipe

An establishment managed by private enterprise, ranking amongst the most prestigious within Camagüey’s gastronomic sector, as manifested in the Certificate for Excellence extended by the highly regarded travelers’ website

Its menu combines international recipes with typical Cuban and Camagüey dishes. Among the restaurant’s specialties stand out: fish in tomato sauce, and in garlic sauce, tropical fish with fruits and vegetables, French styled fish, béchamel salad, specialties of cheese dishes, as well as the fish served with shrimp salsa. There’s also offers of specialties relating to different variants of prepared chicken.

The place provides various settings for the client to favor as a dinner spot: an air-conditioned room, the building’s interior patio flaunting the purest Camagüey colonial style, and an excellent bar.

Address: Astilleros street No. 7, and / San Ramon and Lugareño. Camagüey

Phone: (+53) 3229 3770

Hours: 12:00 m. to 12:00 p.m. daily