Attractions in Cayo Largo

Sea turtle breeding farm

Cayo Largo can very well be considered a paradise for turtles in Cuba. To the impeccable natural conditions that render the cay a favorite haven for these sea turtles as a natural breeding ground during their mating season between the months of April and September, one might add the care afforded at the site to this species given the threat of extinction they are exposed to.

Within the Cayo Largo Marina is a Center for Experimental Marine Turtle Breeding where they collect eggs deposited by these chelonians in the sandy beaches of the cay. There are mainly three species that pilgrimage to the cay to lay their eggs: the turtles Carey, green turtles and the Caguamas.

The collected eggs are incubated in order to hatch the maximum amount of specimens possible and as soon as the tiny turtles emerge from the eggs they are released into their natural habitat.

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