Attractions in Holguin and Guardalavaca

Restaurante El Aldabón

The Restaurant El Aldabón is set in a beautiful colonial house built in the XVIII century that sits at the very core of Holguín city. It provides service à la carte of Cuban, Italian and international cuisine, livened by good recorded music.

Restaurant El Aldabón owes its name to the magnificent bronze doorknocker on its main door that receives all visitors. The place’s décor is something of an eye-catcher for visitors since its principal hall is decorated with traditional furniture, its typical stools and wooden tables, and an array of artisanal objects adorning the walls.

Visitors can also choose to eat outdoors (recommended only in nighttime hours to avoid the intense heat courtesy of the Cuban sun), and to that end the site presents a comfortable grill area. The grill’s setting is also striking for its peculiarity: it resembles a bohío, a type of indigenous rustic construction still characteristic of some regions of the Cuban countryside.

Address: No. 81 Martires / Frexes And Aguilera, Holguin

Phone: +53 5 2466425

Type of Service: A la carte

Average price x `person: Between $ 8.00 and $ 14.00 CUC

Hours: daily. 11:00 a.m., 11:00 p.m. until