Attractions in Holguin and Guardalavaca

Restaurant La Parrillada de la Música (The Music G

An establishment that due to its décor and the type of food it offers, is very much in line with the traditional concept of a typical Cuban restaurant. It is set in a large ranchón with thatched roof made of guano (dried palm tree leaf) in the manner of constructions seen throughout the Cuban countryside, with its chairs and tables manufactured with caña brava: a type of bamboo commonly found in the proximities of rivers and lagoons on the island.

Though its location might not be the most desirable given its distance from the city center, one can't say it’s difficult to access this restaurant either, since it’s not that far off and any local would help the visitor with directions if needed.

The food on offer comprehends a wide variety of Cuban dishes and of particular note according to patrons is the quality of the cocktails served at the bar of the place, which is situated right across from the dining area and where the client can pleasantly wait for a free table if the restaurant is full.

Address: Calle Fomento 253% Frexes and Aguilera, Holguin,

Phone: +53 42 5216