Attractions in Holguin and Guardalavaca

Grupo de Maniabon

These form part of the Bariay National Park and are comprised by a group of hills and karst topography mogotes (like mesas or buttes) in the vein of those that adorn the valley of Viñales in Pinar del Rio and have rendered its landscape famous. The elevations are isolated from one another and are not very high, in fact the highest peak barely reaches 406 meters in altitude, but they do however succeed in endowing the landscape with a very singular sort of beauty.

Standing out amid all the hillocks conforming the Maniabón Group is the aptly named Seat of Gibara, a mogote (flat-topped hummock) of intriguing aspect resembling a chair that constitutes a major tourist attraction of the zone, for it was one of those sighted by Columbus right before his initial disembarking on Cuban shores and so was recorded into the ship log kept by the Great Navigator.