Attractions in Old Havana

Restaurant La vitrola

Picturesque private restaurant located in one of the corners of the Plaza Vieja, one of Old Havana’s landmark tourist attractions. Since it opened in early 2015 its list of patrons has ballooned due to the quality of its gastronomic and culinary service. Not to mention the vibe its very particular ambiance imparts given the singularities of its décor, which might seem a bit cluttered as a result of the abundance of objects and pictures that appear not to find enough space in the walls of the place, but do play a part in transporting the visitor back to Havana’s past: an old Niagara bicycle hanging from the ceiling, the antique Coca Cola vending machine, vintage photographs of sites in the city, advertising posters from times bygone etc. It also provides the option of breakfast, which in itself practically sets it apart from all other businesses catering to tourism in the city.

Address: Muralla Nr.151 btw/ San Ignacio and Cuba, Habana Vieja.

Cuisine: Tapas and Spanish in general

Average price: up to $7 CUC

Hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.