Attractions in Sancti Spiritus

House Museum of Serafín Sánchez

It is situated in a construction dating back to the third decade of the XIX century, that actually constitutes one of the better-preserved traces of the Cuban colonial era in the city with its typical red-tiled roofs and clay tile floors.

In it was born, in the now distant year of 1846, Serafín Sánchez Valdivia: independence leader of the Sancti Spiritus region during the struggles for emancipation from Spanish dominion, who rose to the rank of Major General of the mambises troops.

Established as a museum in 1990, the institution stores and preserves a trove of furnishings, utensils and documents in its 7 exhibition rooms that formerly belonged to the revolutionary chief’s family.


Street Céspedes Nr. 112 between/ Sobral and San Cristóbal. Sancti Spiritus