Attractions in Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Cayo Levisa

La Casa de Don Tomas

A stand-out site within the more habitual scenery of the town of Viñales due to the dimensions of its construction: a large two storey house with a gabled roof, its long covered walkway leading from the street to the house, and the sky blue color all its facades are painted in, create a striking contrast between this building and the rest in the environs. The restaurant affords several dining areas for patrons, but one recommends to preferably choose one situated in the terraces on the second floor where one can better relish the fresh breeze and some of the best vistas of the town. It is customary for visitors to enjoy fine live music performed for the duration of their meals. Its location, on the outskirts of town, perhaps places it at some disadvantage with respect to other restaurants in the area.

Address: Salvador Cisneros No 140, Viñales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba