Attractions in Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Cayo Levisa

Casa del Campesino

A restaurant located in the vicinities of the town of Viñales offering fine gastronomic service much like others that exist in the locality, however, what identifies the place and distinguishes it from its counterparts equally offering varieties of more traditional Cuban meals on their menu, is the fact that it does so by gifting the visitor with a natural environment as a setting for meals complemented by the characteristic scenery of a Cuban country house: the typical furniture, domestic fowl meandering near the tables and even folkloric peasant music to make one’s stay more cheerful, performed “ on site” invariably by a small format band.

As a value added of the site one might count the particular proximity of the Jardín Unión adjacent to the restaurant, a sort of natural botanical garden without any facilities, only footpaths to explore and appreciate the flower beds.

Address: Street Salvador Cisneros, number 35, Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba

Telephone: 53 152453178