Attractions in Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa is a seductive coral cay two kilometers offshore ringed by a 3.5 kilometers of stunning sugar-white beaches. It is located in Archipiélago de los Colorados, about 10 km west of Cayo Paraíso (also known as Cayo Mégano de Casiguas).

Cayo Levisa is popular with divers for its abundant black coral. There are 23 diving points onto the island shelf, which has numerous coral formations.

A boat serves as link between the cay and the mainland (30 minutes ride), in Palma Rubia, with the following schedule:


Cayo Levisa - Palma Rubia: 09:00

Palma Rubia - Cayo Levisa: 10:00


Cayo Levisa - Palma Rubia: 17:00

Palma Rubia - Cayo Levisa: 18:00

Besides these rides, taxi-boats are sometimes available.

The turnoff from the Circuito Norte to Palma Rubia is 15 km west of Las Pozas, just west of the village of Las Cadenas.


Due to existing regulations, no traveler born in Cuba can board shipping connecting to Cayo Levisa unless he holds a permit issued by te Harbormaster’s Office. This regulation applies to all those born in Cuba, regardless of their place of residence or if they have a passport from another country.