Frequently asked questions

General questions on Cuba

How safe is traveling in Cuba ?
When is the best time to travel to Cuba ?
What are the average temperatures in Cuba ?
Can I use my credit card in Cuba ?
What if I get sick during my stay in Cuba ?

About hotels, transportation and other services

What does all inclusive mean and what does it include ?
What does "To be Confirmed" mean ?
Up to what age are the young ones considered infants ?
Up to what age are the young ones considered children ?
How do I meet my transportation at the airport or hotel ?
Are cubans allowed to stay in hotels now ?
Can I pay a booking with my credit card and reserve under another name ?
How many beds in a rooms when I book for 2 people ?
Do you rent cars in Cuba ?
What are" Adults only" hotels ?
Are all hotels in Varadero all - Inclusive ?
Once I make my booking, what happens and how do I get my confirmation ?
Do you provide any assistance to your clients in case of trouble ?
Do you provide wedding services in Cuba ?
Can one drive to the cays from Cuba's mainland ? Is it safe ?
Are your transfer services private ? What type of cars do we get ?
Do your rates include airfares or not ?
I have booked a group transfer. How exactly does this service work and can one rely on the time it is scheduled to pick us up?
Do you provide flights within Cuba say to the Cays ?
Do you provide flight tickets ?
How safe is making payments on your website ?
What happens if I have services that are Available and others that are "To be confirmed" in my shopping cart ?

Currency,pricing and payment questions

Are your prices per person or for the whole number of people in the reservation ?
When do I have to make my payment ?
What is the currency in Cuba and how does it exchange with the US Dollar and/or Euro ?
Where can I change money in Cuba to cuban pesos or Cuban Convertible pesos ?
What is the Cuban convertible Pesos exchange rate to the USD ?
Do your prices include taxes ?

Cancellations and refunds questions

Can I cancel my booking at anytime ? Are there any charges for doing that ?

Travel from USA related issues

Can I travel to Cuba from the USA ?


Is there Internet broadband access available anywhere ?
Can I purchase a local SIM card to use with my mobile phone ?
Will my mobile phone work in Cuba ?
Can I rent a mobile phone in Cuba ?

Questions by professionals in the industry

Does also work groups and custom packages ?
Does provide professional rates to Travel Agents for bookings through your company ?