Beatles bar

Music bar dedicated to The Beatles with a life-size ferro-cement sculpture reminiscent of the famous Liverpool quartet at the entrance of the establishment, with which you can take pictures for free. It is worth having a mojito or a piña colada on your terrace in the afternoon after a day at the beach. At night, a musical group usually plays themes from the international rock repertoire, which is highly attractive for tourists who usually expect to receive only sounds related to traditional son, salsa or other tropical rhythms in Cuba.

The site is almost at the beginning of the town of Varadero (going from the hotels) very close to the Hotel 4 Palmas and the Josone park. The prices are also equally attractive if you compare them with the usual ones in other similar places outside of Cuba: Entrance to the establishment is free.

It also has a good restaurant but only this is open during the day.

Address: 1st Ave. and 59th street, near the Cuatro Palmas hotel and Retiro Parque Josone in Varadero.

Opening hours: 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM