Bar Shangri La

This is one of the most frequented private bars in Havana despite the fact that it could not really be labeled as a large bar given the area available to receive its customers. However, its best assets relate to the ambience created at nights with the excellent music and superb service provided by the establishment. A wide selection of drinks and cocktails can be found at its small bar, on offer to visitors sitting at its counter or those awaiting the prompt service of the gorgeous waitresses at the place whose outfits curiously match the prevailing colors of the bar’s interior decoration, one which corresponds to a more modernist style and therefore might not be captivating enough as trends go to those visitors who prefer to be astounded by the creativity and inventive nature of the interior designs displayed in other places in the city also catering to the same needs as Shangri-La.

The establishment occupies the basement of a corner building in one of the quietest neighborhoods in Havana. The entrance is cover free, unless your visit coincides with a live performance by some local musician, when you are allowed admission after paying a modest charge (between 3 and 5 CUC).

Address: Calle 21 corner to Avenida 42, Playa, La Habana