Museum of Natural History Carlos de la Torre

Located just a few meters from the very central Calixto García Square stands this museum dedicated to Natural Sciences which bears the name of one of the most important biologists and naturalists in Cuba: Dr. Carlos de la Torre, whose fame transcended beyond Cuban borders thanks to his erudition on the subject of malacology (study of mollusks).

The museum lies in a grand old house of an eclectic style originally built as a social club for Spanish descendants in Holguín that was later transformed into a museum in the 60s decade of the past century.

The collections display a great variety of birds, amphibians, insects and reptiles; a special highlight being the section dedicated to the polímitas: a mollusk endemic of northeastern Cuba which has the peculiarity of exhibiting multiple colors in its shell. Another powerful attention grabber might be its paleontology collection exhibiting the most perfect fossil ever found in Cuba.