Attractions in Cayo Coco & Guillermo

Lenny's Bar and Grill

Located on Playa Prohibida (the Forbidden Beach), one of the best beaches in Cayo Coco, this restaurant makes for a very welcome spot if one is looking for a change in culinary and gastronomic values from those at hand in the resort restaurants of the area. The restaurant is set in a large beach ranchón (a typical thatched roof structure) a few meters from the seashore, and offers various specialties with an emphasis on those from the sea: fresh fish a la plancha, diverse options involving lobsters and shrimps, rice marinière, calamari and octopus in their ink, etc.

The place’s decoration certainly draws much attention given that the constant contributions from clients themselves has enabled the display of countless automobile license plates from different countries, now hung all over the walls of the ranchón.

The restaurant, as we mentioned before, lies practically on the beach strip, but here’s a word of advice: avoid bathing right in front of the ranchón; you will undoubtedly find other areas nearby better suited for some good sea bathing.